Cancer cell plasticity

General objective of the department (Director: Alain Puisieux, Deputy Director: Mathieu Gabut)
The genetic and functional diversity of malignant cells constituting a given tumor (intratumor heterogeneity) and the plasticity of cancer cells are crucial mechanisms involved in the onset of tumorigenesis and in tumor development. These mechanisms also participate in post-treatment drug resistance and in cancer relapse.
The aim of the teams in this Department is to characterize the molecular mechanisms responsible for intratumor heterogeneity, at the genetic level, as well as at the phenotypic or functional level, with a particular interest in the characterization of cancer stem cells and in their evolution during the development of the tumor.
The main types of cancers studied by these teams are breast cancers, melanomas, gastrointestinal cancers and glioblastomas.

This department is composed of 7 research teams:
EMT and cancer cell plasticity. Direction Alain Puisieux
- Nuclear domains and pathologies. Direction Jean-Jacques Diaz
- Oestrogen signalling and breast tumor. Direction Muriel Le Romancer
- Signalling, metabolism and tumor progression. Co-direction Ruth Rimokh & Germain Gillet
- Transcriptome diversity in stem cells. Direction Mathieu Gabut
- Cellular reprogramming and oncogenesis. Direction Fabrice Lavial
- Development, cancer and stem cell. Direction Michela Plateroti [under construction]